David Goff Eveleigh


Graduated in Fine Art (Bristol) in the early 1970’s, David is a multi-media arts practitioner. For many years an international fire artist and fire theatre director, all his past creations went up in flames.


His work has been seen worldwide from L.A to the Caucasus. He himself has had many reincarnations, including circus clown, designer of mazes, labyrinths, landscapes, wicker figures, and pebble mosaics, festival and theatre director, painter and sculptor.


“Much of my sculpture in the past has been ephemeral and fiery. ‘Drawings in Stainless Steel’, my latest project, takes themes from my fire work but gives them a permanence in steel, but still, I hope, with an ephemeral feeling of passing memory, of air, space, the movement of line and reflection in the landscape.”  

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