Glenn Morris


Glenn is a professional sculptor working from his studio situated on the Welsh borders near Hay-on-Wye. He works predominantly in stone using traditional carving techniques, but employing other mediums when appropriate or suitable for the idea and subject matter. For Five Women at Found we have 'Marie' created in reclaimed timber & steel.


The ‘original’Marie van Goethe is known throughout the world. Portrayed by Edgar Degas, she was one of the ‘Little Rats’a dancer at the Paris Opera. Like other poor girls, she was hoping for fame to lift her from her dismal existence. The work of a young ballerina was brutally hard and few of the dancers gained the recognition they craved.


Degas’‘Little Dancer aged 14’was described as a ‘monster’and ‘an ape’by critics when first shown at the Salon des Independents in 1881 - the public recoiled from the sculpture which, perhaps, Degas had intended to challenge their own hypocrisy. The young girls of the ballet were ‘sponsored’by older males who, no doubt, had ulterior motives in mind when funding their proteges.


In contemporary society ‘celebrity’has become an almost universal goal of, particularly, young girls and the need to be famous now exists alongside insecurity, mental illness, loneliness and a lack of self worth. One could argue that, as Camille Lauren quoted in her book, ‘Little Dancer Aged Fourteen’  - ‘The prevailing moral code was total lack of moral code’still prevails.

Glenn is a member of the Welsh sculptors’ group Sculpture Cymru and also the artist’s collective, ‘Vulgar Earth’ – a group of artists whose work is driven by the human relationship with the environment. 

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