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Ian Rylatt

Ian was born and raised in Lincoln, and attended Lincoln College of Art. He then went on to Manchester Polytechnic, and has been a self-employed potter since 1988.

All Ian's pots are hand thrown and constructed pieces, fired in an electric kiln, generally to stoneware temperatures 1260 - 80c.

His work has always centred around the teapot. It is a form which has intrigued him since college, and has inspired him to make the items on his website.

He was a founding member of Harding House Gallery, begun in 1990, which is an art & craft cooperative in Lincoln. He remained a member until 2004 when he moved to Wales. Since then he has been a member of South Wales Potters. In 2010 he became a member of the Makers Guild of Wales, where his work is exhibited in its gallery, Craft in the Bay in Cardiff.