Josephine Gomersall Ma, Ba (Hons.) 


Josephine designs and makes contemporary art jewellery and silver botanicals inspired by British wild flowers and plant forms; grasses, seedpods and weeds from the wayside, woodland, field and garden. Her work aims to capture the essence of the beauty, delicacy and preciousness of ephemeral plant specimens throughout the seasons, exploring notions of transience and provenance.


Previously Josephine worked as a Textile Designer before working with metals and continues to draw on her knowledge and experience of printing processes; using imprinting, photo-etching and drawing techniques to apply surface decoration to adorn her sterling silver jewellery and flower studies. She also uses mixed media and natural materials to collage with precious metals to create intrigue, balance, harmony and a tactile quality to her work. Her signature colour palette, reminiscent of the rural landscape imbues a sense of calm and serenity in her work, and is used to symbolise the importance of connectedness to nature.


Based in the city of Sheffield, Josephine is surrounded by the National Peak District, seven hills, beautiful woodland and valleys and five historical rivers, which provide wildlife corridors to Josephine’s studio in the heart of the green city, rich with Industrial heritage.


Josephine is a member of the Sheffield Botanical Gardens Florilegium Society and enjoys Botanical style flower drawing using graphite pencil and watercolour. Her observational botanical drawings influence her jewellery design and silversmithing and her delicacy of touch whilst using precious metals.


Josephine also works part-time as a College Lecturer teaching Art & Design in Further Education.


Josephine has always been an Artist and a Designer. She studied Surface Pattern Design, then Textile Design specialising in Printed Textiles before working in the Textiles Industry for several years. She was commissioned by Liberty to produce a series of flower drawings which were used to create Liberty Art fabric designs: Irma, Theodora and Josephine's Garden which have been used as costumes for the big screen and developed into a product range by Liberty for their Flowers of Liberty 'Theodora' collection. 


Josephine started to make jewellery whilst raising a young family, later studying for a Master of Arts Degree in Design specialising in Jewellery and metalwork. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. 


More recently her jewellery work is developing as jewellery for the home, a return to her Home Interiors background, creating exquisite Silver flower sculptures for the table or as unique wall art. She hopes to combine her drawing and painting with her silversmithing to create one of a kind pieces of wall art reminiscent of pages from a botanical illustration book.   

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