Liz Lawrence

Liz Lawrence has been working as a professional ceramic artist since graduating in 2000 with a BA in Ceramics from the University of the West of England in Bristol.

She works from a purpose built workshop in her garden in South Wales. Porcelain is her clay of choice; she prefers the more refined qualities exhibited by this material. Depending on the required result, the pieces will either be hand-built or thrown.


Scraffito, resist and pressure marking are often techniques used during the making process. This method of working stems from a love of texture and pattern making, which is a vital partof Liz’s work.

The work is ‘once’ fired, to stoneware temperatures, around 1260-80 degrees (cone 8-9), using an oxidised electric kiln.

As an optimistic, outward looking maker, Liz's inspiration comes from the visual world around. She is very aware that pots are like seeds - some taking longer to germinate than others!

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