Margaret Brampton


Margaret first encountered pottery when she was eleven years old when her parents took her to Ewenny Pottery. She was captivated as she watched the potter but much too shy to try when he offered her the opportunity.


The opportunity presented its self again when Margaret went to Cardiff College of Education and pottery was one of the options. Margaret went on to gain a B.Ed in ceramics. Her first studio was in Chapter Arts Centre after which she taught in a variety of settings.


About twenty years ago Margaret became interested in slipware and switched from stoneware to earthenware. She is absorbed by the capacity to use the pots surface to draw on. Margaret decorates her work with themes drawn from medieval manuscripts and flora and fauna. She is influenced by continental and North Devon slipwares. A major design element on most of her work is the use of script. The decoration is produced with sgraffito techniques and is coloured using oxides an underglaze colours.

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