Matthew Smith 

Growing up in south Wales Matthew Smith discovered his love for woodwork from a very young age. With guidance from his Father, his skills developed and led him to make his first fence at the age of ten.


Throughout his early years, the ‘wood’ was teaching Matthew that it needs to be heard and that there is a voice in its’ own silence. This guides the direction of any new creation, which to this day, continues to makes it an honour for Matthew to work with.


In 1997, Matthew completed his Apprenticeship in Carpentry and Joinery where he learned more than just the skill of the craft. He learned the art of creating with his soul and heart.

In the current exhibition Matthew has a bookcase which is made from a Mountain Maple tree that he brought back from Italy. We are also showing some spalted Maple wall hangings which are taken from one Maple tree that had lain in Matthews’ yard for many years. He was always curious about what it was to become; a bench, a worktop or a stool?


The decision was made to slice through one end to see what the wood was like. This would help him to understand the direction it would be taking him in. The small section he removed unveiled the beauty that was inside, which needed to be wholly shown. He decided to continue cutting sections down the tree so that the beauty could be presented and loved in the form of wall art.

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