Molly Lemon 


Molly Lemon is a printmaker who specialises in wood engraving. Growing up on the edge of Dartmoor and now living in the Cotswolds has lead to a real love of the natural world.


Working onto end grain wood Molly engraves images inspired by nature and the rural landscapes surrounding her. Wood engraving was developed in Britain in the late 1700s. Molly most commonly works on pieces of English boxwood as well as holly and lemonwood. Traditional hand tools are used to engrave the wood, each engraver's burin has a tiny tip with means you can make very fine marks on the wood. Molly works onto each woodblock taking making thousands of fine marks to make up the final image. The block is then inked up and printed on her 1868 miniature Albion Press.


Concerned with conservation and global warming Molly aims for her prints to reflect the beauty and vulnerability of the plants and animals we share this planet with. Full of detail, when you look at her prints you'll find yourself stepping into a world of miniature.

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