We are delighted that Elaine Bolt has donated her framed, mixed media piece Gathering Place to our raffle to help raise money for Childline Wales. The raffle will run until 5pm on May 30th. You can also donate in the raffle to win Toose Morton's mixed media on canvas entitled 'Through This.... The View From Here - Covid II' - click here for this donation page


Select an amount you want to donate to Childline Wales. On May 30th we will randomly select two names from the list of people who have made donations and these two people will 'win' the donated pieces. The selection will not be determined by value - please simply give what you can. All donations will be passed onto Childline Wales after May 30th.


Please note by selecting more than one of the donation price you have selected you can multiply your offer up. Ie a £3 donation with the quantity of 3 will give you a £9 donation.


Please select Store Pickup / Collect from Gallery on the pay page in order not to incur delivery costs.


Thank you for your donation.

Raffle for Childline Wales: Gathering Place by Elaine Bolt

Childline Donation:
  • Raffle Policy

    Your 'purchase' here represents a 'donation' to Childline Wales and does not guarantee you the piece.

    The 'raffle' will be open until 5pm on May 30th.

    On May 30th Found Gallery will collate the names of all 'donors' for this product and randomly select one. The succesfull 'donor' will be notified and arrangements made for delivery.

    All monies collected from 'donors' will be added together and donated to Childline Wales as one sum of money via Found Gallery.

    Found Gallery will let all 'donors' know the total sum raised.

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