Roger Tiley

Roger is a native of the south Wales valleys. He began his photographic career in 1978, working as an Apprentice Industrial Photographer for a large car components company. This gave him the technical grounding to explore more creative opportunities. He regularly came home from work to explore his love of people in his own community in the Gwent valleys. After four years in post, Roger decided that documentary photography was an area of interest he would like to explore.

In 1982, he was accepted on the much acclaimed Documentary Photography course, under the guidance of Magnum photographer, David Hurn. After completing the course, Roger found himself working for national newspapers including the Times, The Sunday Times, the Guardian and Observer newspapers respectively. His subjects were not too far away, as his gripping imagery in support of the miners during the 1984/85 miners’ strike, received wide recognition.

Roger’s work has been exhibited and published nationally and internationally. Much of his commissioned work has centred around working class industrial area in the UK and USA, resulting in the publication of over ten book titles showcasing his work.

As well as being a full time documentary photographer for over four decades, Roger was employed as a lecturer and course leader. Indeed, he visits many educational institutions and events to present lectures relating to his work.

Roger is currently working on a documentary film following the lives of the people in the upper Dulais Valley, south Wales. The film will be shown in 2020 and entered into film festivals worldwide.

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