Roger Reese 

The work in this exhibition was produced from 2014 to 2020 and reflects Roger's interest in the environment and the rich history of Brecon. A spur of the moment stroll along Captain’s Walk was the catalyst for the Museum Series. Under a threatening sky, brilliant sunshine reflected off the fabric of the disused County Council building and caught his imagination. This building, the Museum and the old Police Station were being prepared for a major redevelopment which would have a massive impact on this part of Brecon.


Roger's intention was to capture the entire circumference of the group of buildings as a visual record at a particular point in its’ history. He couldn’t know at the time that it would be another 6 years before y Gaer would be completed.

The deliberate distortion and breaking up of images in the Museum Series is intended to mimic the movement of his eyes surveying a scene and jumping to particular points of interest; some things jump to the front whilst others recede. This approach was greatly assisted by the use of a simple tablet computer to create panoramic shots which could be expanded by slowly moving the camera. 

Roger visited the site regularly during its’ redevelopment, usually during the day but sometimes during an evening to observe different lighting conditions. There was always something new or different to record. Therefore, the images not only became a collage of different viewpoints but also of different times of the day.

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