Sue Roberts

Sue grew up in the Far East, mainly in North Borneo, the Philippines and Hong Kong. She returned to Britain when she was 18 years old and currently lives and works in Cardiff.

Sue's work explores emotions, feelings, and sensations. The created surface magnetically draws in or repels the viewer through the encounter with tactility. She is interested in notions of womanliness and where this might lead.


Sue works in 3-D, using clay and plaster but also consolidates form in 2-D, making the surfaces she has experienced. She using metals, both bronze and cast iron and also draws, photographs and makes films and installations depending on the best way to present an idea. She has received several Arts Council Wales funding awards to produce new work.  She has shown internationally, in New York, Melbourne Australia, Dublin, Venice and Vienna in group shows. Sue's work has been included in a couple of books, and some of her work is held in private collections in Wales.


Her work was in an exhibition in Scranton USA for the 8th Cast Iron Conference in 2018.

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