Tim Rawlins


Like many before, Tim’s early creative impulses were so quickly and ruthlessly dismissed by a succession of art teachers at school that he turned to science in search of Vocation. After graduating from University he worked in the chemical Industry for 3 years and then moved into Finance and Business for 15 years. 


Then one day whilst travelling in India his wife asked him: “If you could do absolutely anything what would you be?” To his total surprise he said: "a sculptor." It was a true moment of inspiration, and he has never looked back.


Working as an artist now for 20 years Tim has learnt many new skills and techniques, and also rekindled innate skills that had lain dormant since his early childhood.


Things ancient and timeless, things broken then recovered. How the contexts of the museum showcase can render ancient everyday objects, even discarded rubbish, beautiful. Tim is particularly interested in Archetypes, Sacred objects, Totems, Standing stones and megaliths; imposing timeless constructs that somehow express the ineffable. He is also fascinated by how some primitive forms can have very strong cross cultural and contemporary resonances.

Tim has a small foundry to allow him to cast all his own work from his new studio in the Welsh borders and also at MAKE, a Community arts project in Hereford and working with students at Hereford Art College. He has developed an exciting process of direct wax working and bronze casting that suits his own work and is ideally suited to workshops and courses. Over the last 5 years he has worked to create a number of collections comprising over 80 pieces of new work as well as facilitating other artists to find expression through the medium of hot metal.

Alongside Tim's sculptures we are showing a series of photographic images that were taken during a project with photographer Matt Day of the process of creating a bronze. You can look at these on a video loop here.

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