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 Tina Walton 

In our window we are going to be hanging 5 golden bodices made entirely from reclaimed threads and wire. Created by the artists and participants at Rose Tinted Rags, Recycled Textiles & Art, Hereford.


These were first exhibited as part of a much larger installation (Spinning Gold) at National Trust Berrington Hall and then later at Theatre Brycheiniog as part of the Vulgar Earth 2018 exhibition.

Tina Walton & Karen Meiklejohn are practicing artists who work with adults with learning disabilities at Rose Tinted Rags. Through educational and practical teaching programmes they create installations and artworks that highlight social and economic issues surrounding textiles and the fast fashion industry.

We are also showing The Birdcage - this piece of work was created by Tina Walton in response to looking at and studying 18th century costume. The crinolines and corsets at the time were a measure of social standing and class, the bigger the better,  but were in fact a hugely disabling accessory preventing the wearer from doing the most simple of tasks and fundamentally turning them into extravagant caged birds.